I did just use the new Zipseams this past weekend at a wedding and am quite pleased with the improvements. Here are some things that I’d like to point out:
– The size is awesome. It’s not noticeable at all, whereas the originals were more bearable.
– As stated previously, I love the string idea. It held very well. And I have full confidence that they will not slide out like the previously design.
– The install wasn’t bad, but did require more effort than the original. I tried pulling the string to lock into the channel, but wasn’t successful. I ended up using a card to get the fabric into the channel and the string into the channel. Even still, I think the frustration is well worth the added security.
– I haven’t tried washing my shirt with the Zipseam installed, but I feel that the assembly will stay in place.
George K

Got mine just recently. really surprised how well they work! Instructions could have been a little more clear, but after watching a couple YouTube videos, got it set up rather quickly. Very happy with this!
Jeremy S

Updated…. These are brilliant. I’ve come up with a way to get the seams on, effortlessly. I’ve finished my prototype and filmed my video. I’ll be sending the video in to see if the inventor is interested in including this method into v4. It’s SIGNIFICANTLY easier to run the fabric into the plastic seam. As for the cord, the inventor has a great v3 video that makes it VERY simple to do. With that said, I give this product 4 stars now. It’s 5, if he takes my idea and adds it to v4. I now get perfect seams and a great trim fit on all my shirts, in a fraction of the time and zero frustration.
Alex R

Received my 3-pack today. They definitely work, but it is going to take a bit of tria land error for a shirt to have a proper fit. I think it will get easier with practice. Thanks!
Bryson S
Just got the chance to try these out and they work pretty well! For fellow consumers, it should be noted the seam is less prominent if you place the larger portion on the button side of the shirt. The seam is facing a bit more towards the back instead of the front
Matthew Y

I received my triple pack today and instantly put them to good use. After about five minutes of trial and error, I can happily report these things work a treat. My uniforms have never fit me better
John R

Got these in the UK a couple days ago, takes a bit to get them arranged just right but they do work a treat, thanks!
Mel S

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Did the on/off test with my wife and she wanted to know what I had done to get my shirt to finally fit right. It does take a few minutes to get it positioned, aligned, and installed, but the results are fantastic!
Jose C

Got mine last week and finally installed them in some of my dress shirts. For the office they work great!
Tommy D