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  • ZipSeam 3.0 1-Pack


    There’s nothing more embarrassing than having that muffin top when you tuck in your shirt and look like a deflated hot air balloon.

    Your baggy shirts make you look lethargic and unprofessional, and generally gives off a bad first impression.

    The ZipSeam lets you tailor your ill fitting shirts in minutes with out having to use a needle.

    Unlike traditional tailoring methods, the ZipSeam is removable and reusable, so you can stay fitted while you get fit or for those giant holiday meals ;)

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  • ZipSeam 3.0 3-Pack


    3 Sets of the ZipSeam to keep you looking sharp for that important work trip or weekend getaway.

    Don’t show up with baggy shirts that make you look like a hot air balloon

    Tailor them in minutes with the ZipSeam and impress everyone

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  • ZipSeam 3.0 5-Pack


    Great for perfecting your whole wardrobe. The 5 Pack of the ZipSeam will let you tailor your shirts for every day of the work week (maybe some weekends too)

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