Tailor Your Shirt Using a Pizza Cutter 1

Tailor Your Shirt Using a Pizza Cutter

So I was tailoring a new shirt I got the other day, as I was pushing the fabric into the channel of the ZipSeam I thought, what if I used a pizza cutter to tailor the shirt?

Here was the result after a couple of tries.

The pizza cutter is a bit thinner than the card, so that may have led to an easier time pushing the fabric into the already narrow channel. While it was slightly faster to tailor the shirt using the pizza cutter, I still prefer using the card to push the fabric into the channel. The pizza cutter was a bit bulky and a bit harder to control. It is also easier to contour the new seam using the card since you can “sculpt” each segment. Due to the sharpness of the pizza cutter, I imagine repetitive “cutting” of the shirt fabric may lead to permanent damage; though from my short experiments I did not see any noticeable damage to the fabric of my shirt.

But what if we made a mini version of the pizza cutter? HmmmmmmmThinking Face on Google Android 9.0find out on the next episodes of ZipSeam Instant Shirt Tailoring

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