Thrift Store Hunt #1 $10 Shirt and Khakis 1

Thrift Store Hunt #1 $10 Shirt and Khakis

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I’ve been waiting on a deal for a new casual dress shirt for a while now, hoping there would be something up to par on black Friday… maybe post-Christmas… but alas nothing.

On the way from home, I decided to go into my local thrift stores: Goodwill and Salvation Army. I first went into the Goodwill, surprisingly the shirts were relatively expensive for a second hand store, some shirts cost almost as much as the new ones. The selection is lacking as expected, with most shirts and pants running in the XL range. I quickly gave up on the shirts as most were very well worn and have long lost their color. On my way out, a pair of khakis caught my eye, upon closer inspection it was a pair of 29/30 Old Navy straight fit droit (whatever that means). It seemed basically new and at $5 I decided to add it to my collection. My next stop was the Salvation army 4 blocks from my house, right when I entered, the lady at the counter informed me all green tag items were 50% off. Happy I might have found more value, I skipped to the men’s shirt section. Unfortunately unlike Goodwill, Salvation army sorted their clothes by color instead of size. After rummaging through a few shirts only to find them to be too large, I found a TM Lewin shirt for $7. Since everything was by color, I decided to sort by touch and just reviewed ones that felt like high quality shirts. The TM Lewin’s fabric felt thick but still crisp (unlike worn shirts that are limp). Like the khakis this shirt was new and incredibly was “super fitted” with my neck size of 15.5

Super Fitted!

I couldn’t wait to get home and try on my new finds. Unfortunately even the super fitted is a bit baggy due to my 15.5 neck on my 150 pound frame ???? The pants seems a little tight, hopefully it stretches out with some wear. See results below.

Shirt is definitely a little baggy and pants are a bit tight

I decided to tailor the shirt with the ZipSeam and maybe permanently tailor it if I decide that I liked the fit. Trimmed off about an inch off each side and the puffiness in the back was removed.

No more puffy shirt

However, the sleeves are still baggy and drew too much attention with the fitted shirt. So I took in the sleeves 1.5″ or so with the ZipSeam as well.

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