Making a Great First Impression 1

Making a Great First Impression

So we all know that anxious feeling right before a promising date or a professional meeting, that knot in your stomach rumbling like 1000 butterflies.  Did I miss a spot shaving? Is my tie on straight? Do I smell weird? It is very important to make a great first impression and get your foot in the door. We need to focus on certain aspects such as:

Wearing the appropriate clothes to either stand out or blend in

Certain Mannerism

Relevant discussion topics

Emphasize the purpose of the meeting/date


Type of greeting

Now that we know how many aspects we need to achieve in order to make a great first impression let’s talk about each of the situations when you want to truly make it, either in date or a professional meeting.

You are meeting with someone new and you are eager to know more about this person or have an interest in pursuing something romantically, that automatically means you want to make a really good first impression and one of the best ways to do it, taking in consideration the aspects stated earlier on, is to wear an outfit that makes  you stand out from all the other guys or girls out there (though depending on how fancy or casual the date is, you might want to dress down to give off a more relaxed tone).

Meeting someone on a date with lousy baggy clothes won’t do (unless you are dating a juggalo), to leave the best impression you need to be wearing fit clothes that accentuate your figure, and make you feel confident about yourself and of course the outfit still needs to be comfortable (I’ve run into shirts that simply choke me to death if it fits me at the body).

One of the issues that many people face either starting a job or applying for a new office job, is the big: “What If I didn’t leave a really good impression?” that might be one of the biggest stress points about these meetings, just because if you start off on the wrong foot then the whole interview may be derailed, and you automatically lose the chance to land the job. You might ace all the interview questions and build a great rapport with the interviewer, but starting with a good first impression certainly help your chances. Unfortunately we do live in a very superficial society where merit is often not the deciding factor in obtaining a job or even earning someone’s respect.

Wearing fit clothes and boosting your self-confidence through this would help you significantly in accomplishing this goal of leaving a good impression, I mean who wouldn’t be motivated after wearing a piece of clothing that makes you feel good and look good. Studies have shown that people are more likely to identify with those who are well dressed and automatically show more respect.

That’s why ZipSeam was created and was built upon, thinking about these certain range of issues that we’ve all encountered throughout our lives, finding the right fit for our daily clothes to make us look stylized while still being comfortable wearing them can turn to be a hassle really quick. Traditional tailoring methods are time consuming and expensive, while the ZipSeam lets you tailor your baggy shirts and accentuate your appearance in minutes for around the price of a cup of coffee.

Our main goal is to provide the right tool to make affordable tailoring a reality and making this challenge of leaving a good impression an easy one. Who would’ve thought that was possible until the ZipSeam was created, helping everyone turn that baggy shirt into a custom fitted one.

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